Coming Home: A Story of Undying Hope Free Audiobook Download by Karen Kingsbury

A woman named Maddie is dealing with her husband's cancer and having a difficult time being the wife that he needs. Her friend, Lora, encourages her to read a book called "Coming Home: A Story of Undying Hope". In the story, a man is saved by his faith in Jesus after a car accident and is brought back to life by God. The book helps Maddie cope with her husband's illness and be the wife that he needs.

In this story, a plane crashes into the ocean. However, the survivors find hope in the most unlikely of places. They find hope living on the ocean's floor with their plane as their home. They eventually build a large base to live in and sustain themselves on. The survivors are not without hardship and problems though. The children have difficulty adjusting to life below ground and they feel lost when they are brought back to land up above. In the end, they survive and make it back to land where they can enjoy what life has to offer them now that their plane is no longer their home...

When Stefan Rudnicki was a young boy, his parents died in a car accident. They left him with his sister Ruth and her family, who never wanted him. Years later, he returns to start life anew with the help of his daughter, Gabby. Gabby had kept the faith that someday he would come home all those years ago, and she is determined to convince him to stay now that he is back in their lives for good.

Coming Home is a story about the power of hope and enduring faith. It begins with two people who have lost their children and, as a result, their lives. They meet one fateful night during a terrible storm that floods their town. The two people are pulled to safety by a stranger who has recently lost his daughter and husband. He offers them help, albeit not in the way they expected. In return for saving both of their lives, he asks for something: to help him find his daughter. Along the way, this journey takes these strangers from despair to renewal, from pain to love, from death to life.

Karen Kingsbury's novel, Coming Home: A Story of Undying Hope, is a story of Christian family values and perseverance. The novel follows the life of Ruby Hilliard who had always been determined to make her family happy. When her husband, Tyler, died in a car accident, Ruby was all alone with just her daughter to support. Ruby still felt confident that she could provide for her daughter no matter what happened. This feeling was not easy to come by because it requires lots of self-control and sacrifices.

Coming Home is a novel by Karen Kingsbury from her book series "The Book of Phoenix". In this book, the main character, Willow, comes home for Thanksgiving to find that her mother has passed away. She must decide whether she should stay or leave because of all the family drama that has erupted in the wake of her mom's death.

Published Date 2012-07-08
Duration 9 hours 21 minutes
Author Karen Kingsbury
Narrated Stefan Rudnicki, Gabrielle De Cuir, Gabrielle/stefan De Cuir / Rudnicki
(9 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Romance
Parent Category Clean & Wholesome, Contemporary, Religious & Inspirational

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