Beyond Reason Free Audiobook Download by Kat Martin

Jack Garrett captures the listener's attention with his soothing voice. The narrator uses different tones to differentiate between characters and add emotion to the story. There were moments when I felt so drawn in by what was going on that my chest tightened. This book is a captivating account of how a man's life changes after an encounter with insanity, and it is gripping from first page to last.

Jack Garrett does a wonderful job narrating this book. The author Kat Martin has written an intriguing, science fiction based story that is a great read from start to finish. This book is about a character named Michael who is trying to find his sister's killer after she disappears on the day that Earth's population has reached seven billion people. Michael must figure out what happened and why no one can remember 7 billion people ever living on this planet. This novel will make you think about human nature and how easy it is for us to be corrupted in our own ways.

Jack Garrett is a highly skilled CIA operative with extensive experience in the field of psychological operations. He's become one of the Agency's top agents and was even tasked with taking down notorious terrorist, The General. Jack has a wife and daughter he loves, but life hasn't always been easy for him. In fact, it's been more than difficult. He has to constantly figure out how to balance his personal life with his professional life while figuring out what motivates terrorists and how to fight them.

'Jack Garrett is the kind of guy who's made to live outside society. He's as mysterious and dark as his own cloak, smoking in the rain one day and showing up unannounced at your doorstep the next. His stories are tales of a life lived on the margins, a life without context or consequence. But Jack has secrets that he doesn't know how to tell himself, let alone anyone else.''

Jack Garrett is a new voice in narration and this audiobook makes him stand out. The story is set in a dystopian future where the government takes away all food choices but one: Soylent Green. In order to keep people from starving, the government provides people with a daily ration of Soylent Green which is a greenish food-like substance that causes health problems and ends up killing everyone who consumes it. One man must hunt down the Devil if he wishes to have some hope of saving his family.

Kat Martin has published many novels and short stories. Her latest book, "Beyond Reason," can be found in audio format. You can also download this audio book as a MP3 or FLAC file.

Published Date 2017-05-30
Duration 11 hours 47 minutes
Author Kat Martin
Narrated Jack Garrett
(57 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Romance
Parent Category Mystery

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