Awakening: Bedtime Story - A Meditative Journey For Sleep & Healing Audiobook Download by Reigo Vilbiks

'Awakening: Bedtime Story - A Meditative Journey For Sleep & Healing' is a beautiful story of love that takes Reigo Vilbiks and her son through a journey to heal the wounds in their lives. It is a spiritual journey for healing and peace.

This book is about a girl named Laura who has always been an outsider. Before she can do anything, her dreams have to come true first. When her father died, she had to make a choice on whether or not she wanted to continue living life like this.

In Awakening: Bedtime Story, Reigo Vilbiks takes listeners on a meditative journey. Many of the struggles that you will hear about in this story are likely familiar to most people. In short, the narrator is grappling with finding meaning and fulfillment in his life while experiencing some of the more unpleasant physical manifestations of aging. In order to help himself through this difficult time, he begins a daily spiritual practice that eventually leads him to seek out a life coach who facilitates a process known as "wake up and live". This guidebook is accompanied by guided meditations that can be used at any point during the day, regardless of whether or not one is feeling particularly inspired. Although Vilbiks' thoughts lend some weight to his narration, he's

"Our deepest longing has been to live and be in the act of living. And we've lost our way." Reigo Vilbiks, author of "Awakening: Bedtime Story - A Meditative Journey for Sleep & Healing" shares her thoughts in a personal way with the reader through this audiobook download. "She" begins by telling the story of a boy who was put into a coma and wakes up in an era after he had gone missing. This book is meant to be read at night before bed along with its companion book, "A Guide To Awakening", to give the reader an even deeper understanding behind how awakening works and how it can help us on our adventures in life.

This audiobook tells the story of a young girl named Kira as she discovers more about her family's heritage and her connection with nature. It is told in first person by Kira's voice, which gives an intimate insight into their world and the characters. Plus, it has the dual purposes of being a guided meditation to help attain sleep and healing.

Reigo Vilbiks is a Latvian author, meditation teacher and founder of the Embrace-Loving-Kindness Project. The book is a collection of three stories that explore themes of forgiveness, loss, and healing. Each story has a different narrator so listeners can enjoy the book in multiple ways.

Published Date 2021-03-01
Duration 0 hours 20 minutes
Author Reigo Vilbiks
Narrated Reigo Vilbiks
(2 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? No
Category Sleep
Parent Category Bedtime Stories

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