Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes Free Audiobook Download by Tony Kushner

"Tony Kushner's Angels in America is an audacious, earth-shattering work, an impassioned and miraculous epic about love and death, weakness and strength, the fluidity of identity, and the irresistible force of individual aspiration."

Tony Kushner's critically acclaimed novel, "Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes" is a complex, deeply moving film that follows the intertwining lives of three New Yorkers over the course of two decades.

"Angels in America" is a play about the AIDS crisis from a gay point of view. It was written by Tony Kushner, who grew up during the 1980s when HIV/AIDS was going through its beginning stages. The play tries to explore the perspective of different characters, such as "Larry", "Joe", "Belize", and "Eddie". These characters have different experiences with AIDS and have some opinions on how it should be treated by society.

Tony Kushner's Angels in America is a play that narrates the lives of six people in the U.S. around the AIDS crisis and how their lives are intertwined with one another. This famous play has won many awards including Tony Awards, Olivier Awards, and Pulitzer Prize.

This audiobook is full of stories of people who have a personal relationship with America. The book is about how individuals deal with the various facets of American life, namely religion, race, sexuality, and capitalism. Each character has a different perspective on how to interpret the world around them. Tony Kushner's novel was made into a play in 1993 and then became a film in 2003.

'Angels in America' is a play about a group of individuals living in New York during the AIDS crisis. The story begins with Louis, a wealthy Manhattan businessman who dies of AIDS and is saved by the Angel of Bethesda from his hospital bed. He spends the next day reflecting on his life and realizes he has wasted it caring for others when he should have focused on pursuing happiness for himself.

Published Date 2019-05-14
Duration 6 hours 54 minutes
Author Tony Kushner
Narrated Bobby Cannavale, Nathan Lane, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Susan Brown, James Mcardle, Andrew Garfield, Denise Gough, Beth Malone, Lee Pace, Edie Falco
(50 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Drama
Parent Category Audio Theatre, Art & Music, Social Science

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