Age of War Free Audiobook Download by Michael J. Sullivan

The Age of War by Michael J. Sullivan is a fantasy novel and the first in a trilogy set in an alternate version of our world at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. The story revolves around several different groups of characters all chasing after a prophecy that says they will be killed without fail if they don't find the Ark - an artifact that has been lost for centuries, but is said to hold unimaginable power.

Age of War is a high-action adventure story set in the award winning world of The Riyria Revelations, a series of novels by Michael J. Sullivan that has sold more than four million copies worldwide.

Based on the bestselling novel by Michael J. Sullivan, Age of War is an epic fantasy novel that will keep listeners enthralled with the action-packed narrative and fast-paced storyline.

Michael J. Sullivan's Age of War  is a sweeping and romantic fantasy set in a world of cultural conflict and political intrigue, where the minor nations of the continent are divided by prejudice and fanaticism. The peaceful people of the Isles have lived in peace for generations, but now their isolation has been shattered. As border clashes escalate, one nation seeks to challenge the status quo with a campaign of terror, and the Isles must fight back--or face annihilation at the hands of an invading army.

Age of War is a historical fantasy epic, set in the tumultuous year 477. It starts with a brutal murder and ends with one final conquest bringing peace to a land torn apart by war and famine.

Age of War is a great fantasy novel about a world divided into two sides: light and dark, where magic has been banned. The story follows Day, one of the last remaining mages who is looking to get back to his family after being turned in for practicing magic years ago.

Published Date 2018-07-03
Duration 16 hours 49 minutes
Author Michael J. Sullivan
Narrated Tim Gerard Reynolds
(68 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy
Parent Category Epic Fantasy

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