A Thousand Tomorrows Free Audiobook Download by Karen Kingsbury

"This is the true story of a family and their faith as told through the eyes of six-year old Zachary." ~Audible.com

A Thousand Tomorrows is a novel that follows a family's journey, their love, and the pain they all endure. The novel starts out with several years after the death of husband and father, Joe Collins. This was one of Joey's favorite books as he grew up and it is his favorite audiobook as well.

When Cody hears from his estranged dad that he needs a kidney transplant, the next thing on his mind is how he will be able to afford it. With the help of a rich old man, Cody goes on a search for the perfect donor and ends up meeting someone who is just what he needs - their kidneys are compatible.

A Thousand Tomorrows is about a girl named Riley who has been told her whole life that she's not going to make it past the age of eighteen. One day on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, something happens that changes everything for her.

As I read this book, I could not help but wonder what the world would be like if there was a man who came in and told me that a monumental disaster had struck, that my entire life as I knew it was about to change. Would I believe him? Would I be afraid? Would I take action or sit back and wait for things to get better on their own?

Welcome to the country club where the rich and pampered live. They have luxury cars, celebrity relationships, and no worries. At least that's what they think because the outside world doesn't matter to them. But one day it does. One day society crumbles around them in a whirlwind of despair and chaos, turning their lives upside down and shattering their dreams forever. Now they must learn how to accept loss, all while facing the future with courage and hope, even as they come to realize that there is more than one way to live life without love.

Published Date 2014-03-21
Duration 7 hours 16 minutes
Author Karen Kingsbury
Narrated Joey Collins
(3 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Romance
Parent Category Religious & Inspirational

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