A Hole In the Sky Free Audiobook Download by Peter F. Hamilton

The Hole in the Sky is a science fiction thriller by Peter F. Hamilton, who is best known as the author of the popular "Night's Dawn" series. The Hole in the Sky follows one astronaut as he and his colleagues try to escape an alien race that has invaded Earth and found their way onto our planet. The narrator, Elizabeth Klett, does a great job of bringing this story to life and making it easy for listeners to follow along with all of its intricacies.

When the alien intelligence unleashed its attack on Earth, the result was catastrophic. The last remnants of humanity had been pushed back to a handful of small cities, but were still struggling for survival. As an alien invasion force continued to block all human access to the sky, humanity faced extinction.

In his latest book, Hamilton introduces readers to the world of the "exo-society" that has formed on Earth in the wake of an alien invasion. With humanity's survival at stake, a new global order has emerged as factions vie for power and control. The book follows a group of people trying to survive underground in a city called Cheyenne Mountain as they try to find their place in this new society.

In a world rife with terrorism, a highly classified branch of the British military has been created, dedicated to protecting humanity from the consequences of its own destructive acts. The Department's most 'successful' operation has been Project Eden - an effort to create a biodome on Mars in which Earthlings can live for the indefinite future. However, with the price for failure estimated at billions of lives and global chaos, something goes terribly wrong during the mission - Project Eden does not go according to plan.

Born of a malfunctioning nanotechnology, the "thorn" is a weapon that has found its way into the hands of terrorists and criminals. But when it is discovered that the device was created by a team of scientists in secret government laboratories, the hunt is on for Cassandra Kresnov, who has disappeared into the night.

A Hole In the Sky is a collection of short stories, some with a sci-fi or fantasy theme. The stories take place in Scotland and involve a variety of people. Individual chapters are self-contained, but overall it has an episodic story arc that ties all of the individual tales together.

Published Date 2021-03-16
Duration 9 hours 52 minutes
Author Peter F. Hamilton
Narrated Elizabeth Klett
(6 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy
Parent Category Apocalyptic & Dystopian, Science Fiction

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