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The audiobook category is a great way to enjoy literature. Audiobooks are becoming more popular and many people read them while commuting or working out. The demand for audiobooks has grown and now there are many public domain titles available.

Audiobooks are a popular medium for entertainment and education, but many people underestimate the power and potential of this format. When listening to a literary audiobook, you can completely immerse yourself in a book, often with an added dimension of audio that heightens the experience.

Literary audiobooks are a category of recorded books that have been created and distributed for the purpose of listening to. The term may refer to a chronological list, such as "Best Literary Audiobooks" or "Recent Literary Audiobooks", but it also refers to various individual formats and series which have no affiliation with one another.

There are many literary audiobooks available today. Audiobooks provide a good way to keep reading while you drive, cook or do the housework. If you're looking for something new and exciting, consider adding some audiobooks to your next bookclub read list.

"All my life I have been a reader, and I am still, but I have recently become an audiobook listener. The audiobooks that I have found in the hundreds of titles that are available for free on are perfect for long car drives or lazy days at home when nothing else sounds like it will hold my attention."

Literary audiobooks are more than just extended readings of great literature, they're a new genre of their own. Audible's unique production process allows them to combine the best aspects of reading and listening with a truly immersive experience.