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Teachers have to make tough decisions on a daily basis. How they communicate with students can sometimes be just as important as what they say. That's why audiobooks are a great tool for teaching stories. Audiobooks can help make learning more engaging, because the teacher is now part of the story and can interject during the narrative or in response to a prompt.

People who love audiobooks usually want an audio experience that is personalized and just for them. That’s why we offer audiobooks in several different formats, including CDs and MP3 downloads, so you can listen on a variety of devices.

Audiobooks provide a way to listen to an engaging story while you are on the go doing other things. Whether you are commuting, eating breakfast in your car, or just getting ready for bed at night, an audiobook can help you break up your busy day without taking away too much time.

With the audiobook category, you can find audiobooks that are teaching stories. It includes some great teaching stories to teach kids about how to make healthy and happy choices.

The audiobook category on the Teaching Stories blog is a place where educators can share their personal reflections of teaching. There are stories from high school English teachers, middle school science teachers, and others who teach children and teens.