Satire Audiobooks

There are many different ways for a book to be classified and categorized. Some categories can be found in the Library of Congress' list of Subject Headings and Terminology for the Books Listed in the Catalogs of the Library of Congress. One category that can be found is satire and this blog discusses what satire is as well as several satirical books.

One of the reasons why audiobooks are becoming more popular is that people are increasingly using their time to focus on the things they enjoy. We naturally don't have to work as hard nowadays and can choose how we want to spend our free time. Audiobooks provide a convenient way for busy people to take their minds off of what they've been doing. Whether it's a long commute or just an hour we're looking for something to help us relax, audiobooks are a great option.

The audiobook category is seeing a huge surge in sales, with more people than ever before buying them. Satire audiobooks have been some of the most popular genre to hit the market recently.

Join your favorite satirists as they explore the 2016 presidential race and the election of Donald Trump.

Satire is a literary form where the writer makes fun of people, groups, or events with wit, humor and irony. In most cases, the satirist exaggerates for comic effect, but can also be aggressive or critical in intent.