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Satirical and Parody Audiobooks are a special category of audiobooks that is made up of books that are satirical in nature. They are meant to poke fun at the major topics and ideas that we have seen in the form of novels, movies, tv shows or other forms of media. These often take the form of an audiobook but they can also be found as podcasts, radio shows or other formats.

Satire & Parody is satire of the audiobook industry. It is a satirical website which uses content that has been permitted to be shared with others. Satirical work is not intended to be taken seriously, so it can cover topics that are otherwise off-limits in society such as racism, homophobia, and sexism.

Satire & Parody audiobook genre is a new audiobooks genre. It combines humor and satire with parody to make satirical audiobooks. This genre includes funny story telling like jokes, videos, speeches and more.

Audiobooks are a great way to tune into a genre of writing that you might not be familiar with. There's so much more than just what's on the screen. You'll be surprised at some of the descriptions and sometimes even the jokes that you miss if you're only reading it on paper but will have a chuckle when you hear them.

Audiobooks are a great way to pass the time on long car rides. However, most people who drive an hour or two for work would rather listen to something different than music during their commute. Sometimes it is hard to find good audiobooks at libraries, so below you will find some of the best satirical and parody books that any busy driver can enjoy.