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The word audiobooks has become a generic term for all books in audio format. It is still important to know what qualifies as an audiobook and which types of audiobooks are available. With this blog post, we hope to offer a comprehensive list of categories within the vast universe of audiobooks.

The Own Voices Audiobook category is a collection of audiobooks that were released for free online. The audiobooks are read by the authors themselves. This specific category was created because the authors wanted more people to be exposed to their writing, and they wanted more people to support them!

Audiobooks can go on any number of travels with you. They can be enjoyed at home, in the car, or anywhere that you might take your eyes off the road for an instant. There are many different types of audiobooks, from romantic suspense to science fiction and beyond. This blog has a category dedicated to Own Voices audiobooks which is a great place to start if you're looking for something new and exciting.

The category of audiobooks created by own voices is perfect for beginning or casual listeners. The author is the narrator who performs the story, and there is no talking head in the middle of a chapter to interrupt your listening experience. If you are looking for an easy way to get into audiobooks, this category is the best place to start.

Own Voices audiobooks are narrated by people just like you. They're customizable to your interests and needs, too. Audible offers more than 35 million titles, so there's a selection for everyone in your family with different tastes.

Own Voices is a podcast where people share their personal stories of transformation, recovery, and healing--stories that inspire us to live our best lives.