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History audiobooks are perfect for those in the military, students, and those who like to listen to history. Essentially, there are two types of history audiobooks. The first type is about what happened in the past, which may be for academic purposes or just for entertainment. The other type is about how something came to be and what it was like in the past.

Audiobooks are a great way to broaden your knowledge in one subject. There is nothing like listening to the stories told by experts and professors while you go about your day-to-day life. The History category has a lot of different audiobooks listed with several different topics. No matter what genre you are interested in, there is an audiobook that will help you learn more about history.

History audiobooks are a great way to explore the past. You can listen to them while driving or doing your chores, and they're perfect for those who aren't as much of a history buff. If you've never listened to an audiobook before, give one a try!

Audiobooks are a great way to absorb more information in less time. If you want to smell the history around you, try listening to a history audiobook. We've put together some of our favorite titles from 2017.

The History category of the Audible Kids audiobooks has some really interesting offerings that anyone would enjoy. This particular audiobook is about the Civil War, which is surprisingly one of my favorite topics. It’s not just a history book though, it also tells stories about how people were affected by the war and how society was different after it ended.