Shakespeare Audiobooks

The Shakespeare category on helps you find audiobooks about the works of William Shakespeare or stories based on his plays. This includes complete books, single-book volumes, and MP3-format audiobooks.

Shakespeare is one of the most revered playwrights in history. His plays and poems have been translated into dozens of languages and are still studied by students around the world. Audible offers a wide variety of Shakespeare audiobooks that span a range of genres, including non-fiction, poetry, classics, comedies, tragedies and more.

Shakespeare audiobooks are available in a wide variety of genres including drama, comedy and classic literature. Shakespeare audiobooks are also available in multiple languages from English to Spanish or Italian.

Shakespeare audiobooks are a great place to start when studying the Bard. They often have interesting insights into his plays and literature, as well as some fantastic productions of Shakespeare's works.

Shakespeare audiobooks are available online in many genres such as mystery, thriller, and action. They can also be found in audio format on iTunes and Audible.

Shakespeare audiobooks are great for those who want to read the works of Shakespeare in a different way. Each audiobook is narrated by someone else including professional actors and authors.