Woke Racism: How a New Religion has Betrayed Black America Free Audiobook Download by John Mcwhorter

If you ask a young African American what the difference is between race, skin color, and nationality, they will tell you that race is about skin color or country of origin. But if you ask an older white person what the difference is between these terms, the answer will not be as clear: for them skin color becomes synonymous with race. To put it simply, in the United States "race" is not a monolithic entity; rather it's made up of a variety of different phenotypes that vary wildly from one part of America to another. The thing that binds all these populations together is an idea called whiteness which has absorbed all the cultural - and even biological - markers associated with Europe.

John Mcwhorter gives an in depth analysis of the rise of what he calls woke racism. Woke racism is a recent development in American culture that is taking hold among young people and educated elite, who believe they are doing something good for black people by saying racist things. This group includes, among many others, millennials who are taught that "reverse racism" is real and that they need to stand up against it. They also include people who were strongly influenced by movements like Black Lives Matter even if they do not agree with it. Many white people have come to see themselves as anti-racist, which McWhorter argues has ultimately hurt black Americans because it lowers their ability to trust others outside the black community when such help may be needed.

Racism wasn't always a sin, but now it's considered a new religion of sorts. This book examines the Woke Racism movement and how it is manipulating black people into supporting liberal causes while ignoring their most important issues.

In Woke Racism, John McWhorter explains how a new religion is rapidly undermining black America by offering an ill-defined, poorly defined and non-existent version of blackness that only speaks to the needs of a relatively small handful of elites.

John Mcwhorter is a professor of linguistics at Columbia University. In his words, "Woke Racism" is the new religion of black America. It is a secular religion that has been invented to counter what he calls "Straw Racism." Straw racism is where the ideas and attitudes based on racial stereotypes are displayed in a benign form; so it is not viewed by many as a threat. However, straw racism continues to contribute to the marginalization and oppression of black people. Like other religious ideologies, woke racism seeks to explain life's mysteries and then provide answers that are supposed to make sense of things. The great benefit of woke racism is historical knowledge. The downside comes from history being used as a weapon against an entire group of

John Mcwhorter's Woke Racism is a thought-provoking work that takes on how a new form of racism has hijacked Black America.

Published Date 2021-10-26
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