Widow Falls Free Audiobook Download by Kiersten Modglin

Widow Falls tells the story of a boy named Darren, who has to move in with his single mother. He feels like the new kid on the block and it's tough. It was interesting to get into Darren's character because you start out hating him and end up feeling sorry for him by the end of the audiobook download. The narrator is also really good at portraying her emotions as well.

Widow Falls is a Christian suspense thriller that will tug on your heartstrings and keep you guessing. Kiersten Modglin has crafted an intricate plot that leaves the reader begging for more.

The narrator was not my favorite. It was difficult to get any clear sense of who she was and how she sounded, whether she had a voice for each character or for all. This book is about the world and about choices, so I think it would have been better if it had been read by the author or one of her friends.

"Widow Falls" by Kiersten Modglin is a short story about a woman who has fallen on hard times. After her husband dies and she has to sell their property, she gets a job as a housekeeping manager at the facility where her husband died. There she meets an old man who helps her regain her faith.

I feel like Kiersten Modglin is a master at building tension. The suspense builds, the darkness expands and so does the fear. I thought this was a new author to me but she has been around for years and comes out with books that engage you, leave you unable to stop listening, wanting more and more. I was enthralled from start to finish!

Widow Falls is the first in the series of crime fiction novels by Kiersten Modglin. Set in the small town of Widow Falls, Massachusetts, these novels feature a female protagonist named Lucia Castillo. The book follows Lucia and her friends as they explore the town and find themselves immersed in a murder case.

Published Date 2021-12-14
Duration 7 hours 57 minutes
Author Kiersten Modglin
Narrated Jess Nahikian
(7 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Psychological, Suspense

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