White Noise - Sleep, Study, Focus, Tinnitus Free Audiobook Download by Marisa Sheldon,White Noise Laboratory

White Noise: Sleep, Study, Focus, Tinnitus is a brand new audiobook by Marisa Sheldon, founder and director of the White Noise Laboratory. This audiobook takes listeners on a journey through Marisa's ten-year personal research into the use of sound as a powerful tool for healing.

White Noise is the original and most widely used sound therapy app on the market. A 20-minute guided meditation sends calming natural sounds of nature to help you relax, sleep, focus, study or even Tinnitus. It focuses on only one type of sound for better focus and relaxation and can also be used with other apps including meditations, music playlists, rain sounds and more

If you are an entrepreneur, a student or simply need to focus on your work without distraction, this audiobook is for you. Featuring over 16 hours of the best white noise recordings from world-renowned sound designers, this audiobook is perfect for use at home, in your car and even on the go.

When you are experiencing a disturbance at night, it is important to know what causes the issue. There are many different factors that can cause noise at night including sleep apnea, sleeplessness and even tinnitus. If you are tired of turning up the volume on your television whenever you need to focus on an important task, then take action and listen in on this new audiobook by Marisa Sheldon herself!

I was tired of being distracted by the outside world and bouncing my attention back and forth between what I'm supposed to be doing. The problem with many forms of white noise is that they're too distracting, so I decided to create a form of noise that you can listen to passively.

Published Date 2021-01-01
Duration 6 hours 13 minutes
Author Marisa Sheldon, White Noise Laboratory
Narrated Ian Gallagher
(3 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Sleep
Parent Category Soothing Sounds

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