While Justice Sleeps: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Stacey Abrams

Justice Sleeps is the story of Alicia and her family. The novel begins with their daily routine of getting ready for work and school. Alicia, who is 12 years old at the time, watches as her father escapes being late by sneaking into his car before they leave the house. That night, while she speaks with her older sister, a fire breaks out in the house where they live. However, amid the chaos - even though it's clear that a person set the fire - no one believes Alicia when she says that their father was not responsible.

"While Justice Sleeps: A Novel" is an audiobook that follows the life story of a young African American woman and her struggles growing up in Flint, Michigan. The author, Stacey Abrams, discusses the physical and psychological effects of living in a city with such high levels of poverty, segregation and crime and how it affects people's experiences with law enforcement.

A group of friends one day find an old rusty key in a remote part of their town. Little do they know that this key will lead them to the discovery of a secret journal left by a missing girl. The journal narrates how she escaped from her abusive family and how she came to the small town carrying nothing but a suitcase. As her telling progresses, readers are introduced to the story's antagonist – an intimidating figure who is plotting to take over the town and enslave its citizens.

"Shortly after the election, he allowed himself to admit that he had been in love with her. He knew that his attraction and attention were intensely inappropriate, but he was powerless against it."

While Justice Sleeps: A Novel is a story about the struggle for power, justice and equality in modern-day Atlanta. It is told through the perspective of three different characters, including 13-year-old Josie, teenage mother Tamia and attorney Helen Johnson.

While Justice Sleeps is a historical novel set in the turbulent era of Reconstruction. It begins with the story of Isabella, who works as a domestic servant and handmaiden for a woman who was enslaved herself as a child. The novel chronicles the struggles that Isabella and other women of color face during this period, which includes resisting white supremacist violence, being targeted by Ku Klux Klan members, and experiencing racist laws that restrict their civil and voting rights. Racial justice becomes the central focus in this novel through its representation of strong female characters whose resilience is celebrated despite the racial prejudice directed toward them.

Published Date 2021-05-11
Duration 14 hours 55 minutes
Author Stacey Abrams
Narrated Adenrele Ojo, Stacey Abrams
(42 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Political Thriller, Legal Thriller, Suspense

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