Where the Crawdads Sing Free Audiobook Download by Delia Owens

A haunting, suspenseful story that transports listeners to the backwoods of North Carolina where a young woman comes of age in the summer months. Cass's voice is so expressive and captivating that you can imagine her living in the time period of this story.

'Cassie's voice is hypnotic and haunting, but just as dangerous; she sings so sweetly that you can't help but listen. The narration is spare and graceful, like watching a delicate flower bloom across the page.'

Where the Crawdads Sing follows 14-year-old Kya Sutterfield and her younger brother, Seth Sutterfield. They have spent their entire lives in a small town named Suttermill and been raised by their father, an important man who owns a cotton mill that is struggling to survive. He provides them with everything they need--food, shelter, education--but he doesn't tell his children anything about their mother or what happened to her when she left.

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens is a lyrical and beautiful novel. It follows the lives of two young girls as they grow up in a small town in Flynt, North Carolina, on their family farm. When the girls are just little kids, their father leaves them to go off in search of work. The girls spend most of their time playing with the river near their home or tending to their flock of chickens that provide eggs for their family's meals. Eventually, one day, they find an egg that has been left there by a female crawdaddy snake and hatch a plan.

After being forced to flee their family home and relocate to the rural woods of the Appalachian Mountains due to a series of events, 14-year-old Jory has been hiding out in the woods all by herself. When she stumbles upon an abandoned cabin, she decides it's her opportunity to escape from her past and build a new one for herself. What she doesn't know is that this place isn't completely abandoned and that there's something watching her.

This is the story of two lost souls, one dying and one about to die and their bond in the midst of a terrible storm that blows their little mud hut off the edge of a cliff. This book is full of metaphors for life and death and good times. It is written beautifully by Cassie Campbell and narrated wonderfully by her too.

Published Date 2018-08-14
Duration 12 hours 13 minutes
Author Delia Owens
Narrated Cassandra Campbell
(5011 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Contemporary Women, Coming of Age, Literary Fiction

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