Well-Schooled in Murder Free Audiobook Download by Elizabeth George

Well-Schooled in Murder is a mystery novel that features Detective Chief Inspector Thomas Lynley and his partner, Sergeant Barbara Havers. They investigate the murder of an art dealer who was found dead in her home with a knife to her throat and a note that makes it seem like she killed herself but doesn't explain how. The story takes place in England during the late 1990s where economic depression has taken its toll on many people.

Elizabeth George's Well-Schooled in Murder is a suspenseful, well-written murder mystery. Ms. George has created a protagonist that is easy to relate to while simultaneously being unique and unusual. The plot of this book can be hard to follow, but the author gives readers enough clues in the text so they can piece together what happened. The narrator, Donna Peters, does an excellent job with the voice of Arlene Benford through the audiobook.

Elizabeth George's latest novel, Well-Schooled in Murder, is one of her most gripping yet. It takes place in the English countryside and features two main characters that could not be more different: one a slick, modern corporate lawyer and the other an ambitious but inexperienced young woman who is trying to become a teacher.

Elizabeth George's classic mystery novel well-schooled in murder is now available in a downloadable audiobook from Open Road.

Elizabeth George's newest novel is a compelling and important historical mystery. I really enjoyed it and had a hard time putting it down. The narrator did a good job, but had some issues with pacing. Overall, it was a very good listen and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys Elizabeth George's novels or just mysteries in general.

This is a third-person, no-narrator novel. The story is narrated by the victim and her husband who are put into this situation in which they are framed for a murder. They have to find out who killed their friends and how to clear their names before it's too late.

Published Date 2018-11-27
Duration 14 hours 39 minutes
Author Elizabeth George
Narrated Donada Peters
(7 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Police Stories, Suspense

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