Wake Up: Why the world has gone nuts Free Audiobook Download by Piers Morgan

Wake Up: Why the world has gone nuts is a non-fiction book written by Piers Morgan. The book discusses many topics from politics, economy and social issues. Morgan tries to find the reasons for why society has gone mad in the 21st century.

Why the world has gone nuts? If you had to answer that question, there are a couple of key factors that would play into it. Unfortunately, what's going on in our world these days is not only a poor reflection of what humanity stands for but also quite insane.

Trump is due to be interviewed by Piers Morgan. He's in good company because there's a long list of people who have been interviewed by him. It's possible that you'll find something out that you didn't know and it's possible that Trump will break into a huge grin and say "I've always wanted to do this!"

This audiobook is an eye-opening work that will challenge some of your long held assumptions about the world and how we got to where we are today. The book takes you through a host of issues, from politics to environmental degradation, and in doing so it gives a very clear view into the kind of person who is behind many of those changes.

Wake Up: Why the world has gone nuts is a book written by British journalist and TV presenter Piers Morgan. He argues that Western society has moved too far to the left, and he believes it is leading to chaos.

Piers Morgan has been called a lot of names - racist, misogynist, sexist, xenophobe, and more. He's also not shy about being himself or taking on the big political issues that are plaguing America today. The world has gone nuts in recent years but Piers Morgan is here to tell us what we need to do about it and he does so by way of his explosive new book Wake Up.

Published Date 2020-10-15
Duration 9 hours 33 minutes
Author Piers Morgan
Narrated Piers Morgan
(42 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Politics
Parent Category Current Affairs, Europe, World

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