Twelve Angry Men Free Audiobook Download by Reginald Rose

In Twelve Angry Men, Reginald Rose uses nine jurors each, who have different backgrounds and opinions, to try and decide the fate of a young man who is on trial for murder.

Twelve Angry Men is a dark, and compelling courtroom drama in which twelve jurors have to decide whether a man accused of murdering his wife should be found guilty or not. The jury goes with "guilty" by the end of the first day. The play follows the emotional journey of each juror as they explore their own personal biases and reach their conclusions.

Twelve Angry Men has been read by over two million people in the last fifty years and has been translated into thirty-one languages. This is a classic of American literature . The story takes place in New York City and relates the jury deliberations after a young man is accused of stabbing his father to death during a heated argument. It's about how twelve different men come to the conclusion that he is not guilty.

In Twelve Angry Men, Reginald Rose explores the events of a single day in a New York City court room. In this gripping and often tense novel, he uses fast-paced dialogue to interweave his characters and keep the audience involved in what is going on.

Twelve Angry Men is a play by Reginald Rose that follows the jury trial of a young man accused of murdering his father. The twelve jurors are forced to come to decision on the fate of the young man by deliberating in secret and without anyone else's input. Each juror must decide whether or not they believe the evidence and testimony given during the trial.

Twelve Angry Men is a play in which twelve members of the Jury deliberating a murder trial and find themselves deadlocked, one juror holdouts for acquittal. Twelve Angry Men is told from the perspective of the Judge who presides over the Trial. The play was published in 1955 and won Tony Awards for Best Play and Best Actor in 1955 (Peter MacDonald). The audiobook download has been narrated by two voice actors.

Published Date 2006-06-20
Duration 1 hours 27 minutes
Author Reginald Rose
Narrated Jeffrey Donovan, Dan Castellaneta
(172 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Drama
Parent Category Audio Theatre

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