This Day: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Blanka Lipinska

This Day is the first English-language audiobook from Polish author Blanka Lipinska. It tells the story of two sisters and their mother who struggle to survive in a country where the government is militarizing, social media is censored, and Poland has lost its national identity. This book incorporates various genres including dystopian fiction, romance, mystery, and postapocalyptic narrative.

A mother loses her child by making one mistake, but the stakes are higher than she realizes. For the authorities of a totalitarian government, her child is a spy; for those who know her child better, he is an innocent and fragile human being.

This Day tells the story of an ordinary day in an ordinary life. The narrator and protagonist, Blanka Lipinska, a Polish woman in her late fifties living in New York, has retired from her job at a large law firm and is looking for something new. What she finds is difficult to describe: her husband John's high school girlfriend, who was killed on September 11th; their son Harry's best friend from college; and John's ex-girlfriend from college. All these people share one thing--they are all alive on this particular day.

This Day: A Novel is a war story told in the perspective of a U.S. Army private named Robert who has been sent to Iraq and is part of the 'mowing the lawn' mission. He's one of three soldiers sent out to scout ahead and if they spot any insurgents they blow themselves up with C4, but when they find nothing they start to jog back. Suddenly Robert sees some people moving behind a building and decides to stop for a quick break before sprinting back towards his friends only to see them shoot him repeatedly until he dies.

This Day is a novel by Blanka Lipinska this narrator Sebastian York. The main idea of the story is about ''This Day'' which happens four times in the history of Poland and depicts how each event shaped polish politics, society, and economy. This Day is a fascinating idea that will inspire you to see beyond your daily routines and take action.

This Day is a novel about the life of two sisters, one who has left her home to work as an American diplomat in Morocco and the other who has stayed behind. After living a life full of tragedy and losing their mother, the sisters each struggle with dealing with their grief.

Published Date 2021-12-07
Duration 11 hours 0 minutes
Author Blanka Lipinska
Narrated Sebastian York, Maya Starling
(9 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Erotica
Parent Category Romantica, Mystery

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