They Don't Need to Understand: Stories of Hope, Fear, Family, Life, and Never Giving In Free Audiobook Download by Andy Biersack

They Don't Need to Understand: Stories of Hope, Fear, Family, Life, and Never Giving In is a memoir written by Andy Biersack. This collection of personal moments in the life of the artist discusses his struggles with anxiety and how they were overcome.

Everyone has a story in their life, whether it be about the good or the bad. There is no such thing as having a story by itself. It's always connected to someone else's story, then to someone else's story, and so on. That is what makes up a person: stories from everyone else that are either happy or sad.

They Don't Need to Understand is a charming and endearing audiobook. It is a collection of stories from Andy, the frontman for Black Veil Brides. These are personal and heartfelt stories that explore different moments in time; some sad and some joyful. This book will make you laugh, cry (okay, maybe not cry but it might), smile and hopefully think about your life. Definitely worth the listen!

It's been a few years since Andy Biersack released 'They Don't Need to Understand,' his first book. Now, he's back with the sequel and the audiobook for this book is available on Audible in multiple languages. "I wanted to give people an inside look at what my life was like before I became famous," says Biersack. "These stories of tragedy and triumph that I've lived through make my story much more interesting and meaningful."

In their debut album, Black Veil Brides released a song titled "Knives and Pens" that received the attention of a few radio stations. In the song, Biersack touches on the various facets of life he sees as having meaning. The song is about a man who saw his family die in front of him as a young boy and how he learned to learn from this tragedy. Instead of letting himself be consumed by pain and anger, he found meaning in life through family, love, good friends and music.

Published Date 2021-02-09
Duration 5 hours 22 minutes
Author Andy Biersack
Narrated Andy Biersack
(47 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Non-Fiction
Parent Category Art & Music, Memoir, Arts & Entertainment

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