The Wrestlers' Wrestlers: The Masters of the Craft of Professional Wrestling Free Audiobook Download by Brian Young,Dan Murphy

'Joe Hempel' is the narrator of this book that tells the tales of wrestling's iconic figures, from Carlos Rivera to Andre the Giant. It is a long book with approximately 80 hours of audio material and there are only two full days in it. The audiobook also has numerous interviews with wrestler personalities like Ric Flair, Lou Thesz, Pat Patterson, and many others.

The Wrestlers' Wrestlers: The Masters of the Craft of Professional Wrestling is a historical account of the origins and evolution of professional wrestling. This book covers everything from how the first contests were fought to what it was like during the "Golden Era." Brian Young Dan Murphy has written a book that young fans and those with an interest in professional wrestling will love.

This is a great book by a journalistic wrestling reporter who also writes very well. It has some great stories about the wrestling industry and its history. I recommend this book to anyone who likes the world of professional wrestling, or at least to those who have an interest in the business of professional wrestling.

This audiobook is a must for anyone who loves professional wrestling. I enjoyed every second of this book and found it hard to put down. You get to watch some of the sport's best minds discuss their ideas on the business, from writing, to booking, to merchandise. One thing I loved was how supportive they were of each other and the industry.

This is a story of the men and women who have been wrestling in the ring more than most people have not only entertained but also changed the world. From the early days of strongmen such as promoter Sam Muchnick, to the final pro wrestling match ever featuring wrestler George The Animal Steele, this book provides a historical perspective on professional wrestling.

From one of the foremost authorities on professional wrestling, "The Wrestlers' Wrestlers" is a fascinating and revealing look at the beginnings of what is today a huge global industry.

Published Date 2021-04-27
Duration 11 hours 12 minutes
Author Brian Young, Dan Murphy
Narrated Joe Hempel
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Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Sports & Recreation
Parent Category Other

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