The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit Free Audiobook Download by Michael Finkel

Michael Finkel was browsing around an antiques store when he saw a vintage edition of The Stranger in the Woods: The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit, by Michael Finkel. As soon as he read the title, he was intrigued by the story and decided to buy it. What starts out as a man who walks into town and disappearances begins to grow into something bigger than anyone could have ever imagined.

Two men walk into the woods. One, an experienced hiker and outdoor guide living in Montana, is armed with a detailed map of his route. The other, a young man from New Hampshire, has no map and barely any gear. They end up making the same journey—staying in the same primitive campsites along the way—but they arrive at two radically different conclusions about what it means to be alone in nature.

Michael Finkel's, The Stranger in the Woods is the true story of Edward Abbey, an American author and activist who living in the woods of southern Utah for 27 years. Abbey was a hermit and so too, Michael Finkel. He lived just outside of Boulder City, Utah, in 1969 when he began his journey into solitude. In the book Finkel details Abbey's life as he spent almost thirty years living on his own all alone in a tiny cabin far from everyone else in order to focus on what really mattered to him which is nature and writing - only demanding small favors from passing hikers and backpackers.

Michael Finkel, a journalist, is your average guy. He has his wife, two kids and a mortgage. He never thought he would end up living in the woods. But one day Michael decided to get out of work early and took a hike in Montana where he found an abandoned campsite which would change his life forever. The campsite had been occupied by someone who called himself 'The Hermit'. This man was an expert survivalist and hunter who had spent years living in the woods without contact with anyone else.

The Stranger in the Woods tells the story of a journalist who, in despair at his own powerlessness and futility, leaves to live off the grid. As he comes to know himself better and understand his own demons, he learns that just because you have left society doesn't mean you can't still understand it.

The Stranger in the Woods is a true story about a man named Christopher Knight, who lived in the Maine woods for twenty-five years and never had any contact with humans whatsoever. He was living without electricity, running water, or running shoes. There are plenty of people who think this is crazy and that he should be incarcerated for his life of anarchy. But Knight doesn't really see it as a crime—he sees himself as a hermit and thinks this lifestyle is one of the few ways he can find peace.

Published Date 2017-03-07
Duration 6 hours 19 minutes
Author Michael Finkel
Narrated Mark Bramhall
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Abridged No
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