The Phoenix Requiem Audiobook Download by Richard L. Sanders

[The Phoenix Requiem] is a tale of an ancient civilization, the Earth's last refuge, and the death of that civilization at the hands of a great sea.

The Phoenix Requiem by Richard L. Sanders is an audiobook that tells the story of a father and son. The son, Joel, brings tragedy to his parents' lives when he dies in a car accident. His father continues living for him for 50 years before eventually passing away himself. They meet again in the afterlife where they must figure out how to reach the judgement of God and avoid eternal damnation.

The Phoenix Requiem is the story of a man who has lived his entire life without ambition or desire. As he begins to approach death, he begins to realize the emptiness of his life and longs for something more.

The Phoenix Requiem is a science fiction novel written by Richard L. Sanders. The story was inspired by the life of Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein and macabre legend of literary immortality. In homage to Mary Shelley's dark vision, the rebels in this novel are cursed to live on as far-reaching parallel worlds while they attempt to fight back against their executioners on Earth. These rebels are determined to use their knowledge of science and technology to gain power over death itself.

'Matthew Ebel' is the narrator of the Phoenix Requiem by Richard L. Sanders. The audiobook offers a brief overview of the book's plot and explains how it balances both the good and evil aspects of mankind.

"The Phoenix Requiem" is what the great wizard Seth says to his apprentice, J.J. when he asks him how he should go about destroying the mythical phoenix. It's a story of the life of J.J., and how at various points in his life, he encounters spirits who help him learn about himself. The book was written by Richard Sanders, a seasoned author for young adults and it's about time you get your hands on it!

Published Date 2021-12-25
Duration 17 hours 55 minutes
Author Richard L. Sanders
Narrated Matthew Ebel
(3 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? No
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy
Parent Category Space Opera, Science Fiction

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