The Personal Librarian Free Audiobook Download by Marie Benedict,Victoria Christopher Murray

The Personal Librarian is an interesting read. Author Marie Benedict talks about her struggles with her weight and how she was able to overcome them, now being the author of the book. The narrator Robin Miles does a great job at changing her reading voice to make the audio listenable and engaging.

Every generation, you can find a story of the three individuals who, when asked to complete a mission, have no idea what is actually happening. The Personal Librarian by Marie Benedict Victoria Christopher Murray is about three individuals who are completely unaware that they are being watched by the CIA, who are seeking to identify terrorists based on social media and digital communication. The book was written as an audiobook and narrated by Robin Miles. This author uses the voices of many characters to create a unique perspective in which this novel is told.

The Personal Librarian is a story about how Marie Benedict's personal librarian helped her to find herself by finding books that were perfect for her and getting them into the right hands. It's a beautiful story of love and friendship, with a twist of self-discovery.

Not everyone has the luxury of being born with a silver spoon in their mouth, which is why Kate and her family are struggling to live without one. With her father out of work, they have to do everything they can to survive. The solution comes in the form of one jar of jam a day from an old woman at the market who gives them a jar every three months. One jar lasts for two months and helps feed their family for that month. But when Kate's mother asks for an additional jar, she is refused twice until finally the third time finally pays off.

The Personal Librarian is a comedic novel that follows a struggling widow's adventures in hiring a personal librarian to help her find some sense of purpose in her life by reclaiming her past. The narrator, Robin Miles, does an excellent job at portraying the characters' emotions and the overall feeling of the story.

Published Date 2021-06-29
Duration 12 hours 23 minutes
Author Marie Benedict, Victoria Christopher Murray
Narrated Robin Miles
(72 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Black Literature, Essays & Anthologies, Historical Fiction

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