The Midnight Library: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Matt Haig

This novel is the story of a boy who doesn't want to be ordinary and figure out his place in the world. He starts to make up stories about what else might be out there, and he's not too happy when reality proves him wrong.

The Midnight Library is a story about a protagonist named Lenny who is searching for the answer to an old family mystery. He explores his town and comes across a library that he previously ignored but that now holds many secrets. The book follows Lenny as he solves this mystery and finds out more about life, love, and what it means to be human.

A girl who thinks she's a normal teenager, eagerly awaiting her first kiss and driving lessons, finds herself in the middle of an alternate reality where witches rule, books can be powerful weapons, and a group of people known as Sortilèges can control time.

Our protagonist, Alex, spends his days and nights inside a library run by the eccentric Midnight Library. His colleagues are all unusual in their own way. They read the books that no one else wants to - 'The Book of Lost Footsteps'. Alex finds himself falling in love with someone from the outside world, but there's still one thing he doesn't understand about her - what is she doing there?

The Midnight Library is a powerful and heartbreaking novel of loss, family secrets, and first love. The story follows the life of Tessa, a teenage girl who has to move to her grandparents' place after her mother's death because her father can't cope with raising his two daughters alone. What begins as a new start for the girl quickly becomes an impending sense of doom. She feels something everywhere she turns: shadows in the basement, whispers in the corridors, murmurs coming through the walls at night. Is she going mad?

The Midnight Library is a delightful story about a lonely boy named Jasper whose world is filled with imaginary friends. He spends his days in the library, surrounded by well-worn books and lively characters. One day, he finds a new book hidden behind one of the shelves, tucked away unread for years. The book transports him to an unknown land called "The Midnight Library".

Published Date 2020-09-29
Duration 8 hours 50 minutes
Author Matt Haig
Narrated Carey Mulligan
(669 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Contemporary Women, Literary Fiction, Science Fiction

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