The London House Free Audiobook Download by Katherine Reay

Katherine Reay is a novelist who set out to write about housewife life in 1970s London. The novel centers around the protagonist, Veronica, who is struggling with her hectic life and her lackluster marriage. Veronica meets Tony, a man whom she bonds with over their mutual love for housework and gardening.

Katherine Reay is a British author who writes thrillers and crime novels. Reay's first novel, The London House, was released in 2013. It is about a world of secrets, murder and betrayal in the fashion industry. This audiobook will surprise you with each sentence as it unravels and leaves you to find the ending on your own.

Madeleine Maby is a narrator who brings her character to life. She has a wonderful voice and you can really feel the emotion in each word she says.

This audiobook is a British mystery by Australian author, Katherine Reay. It follows thirty-three year old Anna who has just moved back to London after living abroad, following the death of her sister. She begins her new life as a journalist at The London House newspaper and finds herself in deep trouble.

Katherine Reay, an American writer, has created a new and exciting story revolving around the life of a child in the London House. The protagonist is eleven-year-old Tessa Andros who is a bright and highly intelligent girl with lots of aspirations. From her window she watches the famous Big Ben tower and sees beautiful gardens on the other side of it. Tessa's plan is to leave her small town life behind as soon as possible and move to London where she can pursue her dream job as a journalist at one of the many prestigious magazines in England. But before she can do this, she must go through many situations that will test her intelligence and determination, but also make her grow up quickly

[Madeleine Maby] narrates the book in a flawless manner. She has a great voice, and she makes it easy to imagine herself being both London and Amelia. The story is interesting, and [Raynor] writes some intense scenes that bring a lot of emotion to the story.

Published Date 2021-11-02
Duration 10 hours 56 minutes
Author Katherine Reay
Narrated Madeleine Maby
(0 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Contemporary Women, Essays & Anthologies, Historical Fiction

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