The Living Planet: The Web of Life on Earth Free Audiobook Download by David Attenborough

This audiobook is narrated by ['David Attenborough'] and is about the life of Earth. This book is for anyone that wants to learn more about the life that we live on this planet. David Attenborough's narration makes it easy to understand what he is saying and what he means. If you are a fan of nature or just want to learn more about how our world works then this audiobook is perfect for you.

The Living Planet: The Web of Life on Earth is narrated by David Attenborough. This audiobook is about the life on Earth and how it is connected. It discusses topics such as the food chain, biodiversity, climate change and the extinction of species.

This audiobook is a presentation of what we know about the planet and why it's important for us to take care of this one place. The Living Planet by David Attenborough is a short introduction to the earth that goes into detail on how our planet operates and what makes it so special.

The Living Planet: The Web of Life on Earth Audio Book is an audiobook by David Attenborough narrated by the reader, which can be downloaded for free from It is a non-fiction book about the nature and biodiversity on Earth and how it has impacted each other throughout its' existence.

The Living Planet: The Web of Life on Earth is a BBC documentary made by David Attenborough. It is narrated by the world-famous British naturalist and broadcaster. The documentary was released in 1971 and has been broadcast continuously since then. This makes it one of the highest rated BBC documentaries ever in total viewership, and also one of the most popular on YouTube with over 1 million views to date.

"This is the story of a living planet - an account of life on Earth told not by scientists, but by one of the world's best-known naturalists, David Attenborough."

Published Date 2021-10-14
Duration 11 hours 33 minutes
Author David Attenborough
Narrated David Attenborough
(0 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Travel
Parent Category Travel Tips, Animals & Nature

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