The Last Hunt Free Audiobook Download by Deon Meyer

Simon Vance is the narrator for this audiobook. His voice sounds like a gravelly, grizzled British man with a very deep tone. The narrator made the story more immersive as I listened to it on my commute to work. The story was definitely interesting and filled with action from start to finish.

Simon Vance has the voice of an angel and is clear throughout the entire audiobook. His words are so enthralling that it's hard to believe this is not actually a movie. Utterly engrossing, this story may make you forget about everything else for awhile and just enjoy the ride. The story is full of action from start to finish and you will find yourself rooting for the characters as they try to uncover a secret that could alter history. In many ways, this audiobook reminds me of Jurassic Park...

[Simon Vance] has the perfect voice for this story. He changes it up just enough, yet doesn't over do it with the different inflections and accents. His delivery is smooth and soothing while still capturing the tension of the suspenseful scenes that he's narrating.

The Last Hunt is a thriller by Deon Meyer, one of the most well-known authors in South Africa. It has been adapted into a movie this year starring Jessica Alba and is being turned into an audiobook narrated by Simon Vance. The book follows a renowned Cape Town game hunter who returns home to find his wife murdered and their daughters missing.

It is the year 2103 and Deon Meyer has it all - money, success, fame. But one day, everything changes when he is introduced to a group of hunters - men and women who hunt for sport. Suddenly The Last Hunt becomes more than a contest that could potentially make him rich. It's about saving his family.

Deon Meyer is famous for his award winning novels featuring the detective, protagonist of a series of crime fiction novels set in Cape Town. This book is narrated by Simon Vance, who does an amazing job of giving different voices to the characters and really shines in this novel. The narration had me hooked from the beginning and I listened to it all at once on my commute home.

Published Date 2020-06-16
Duration 11 hours 38 minutes
Author Deon Meyer
Narrated Simon Vance
(7 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category International Mystery, Police Stories

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