The Intelligent Investor Rev Ed. Free Audiobook Download by Benjamin Graham

The Intelligent Investor is a comprehensive investment guide by Benjamin Graham. It was originally published in 1949 and is still considered the bible of investing by many. The book's main point is to provide deep insights into how to choose the right stocks and manage investments. Although it was initially written as a textbook, this audiobook version covers all the important information without being dry or boring. The reader, Luke Daniels, has an easy-going voice that makes this book perfect for someone who wants to be entertained while learning about investing.

Benjamin Graham was a brilliant investor and economist who wrote The Intelligent Investor which is one of the most influential investment books ever written. Benjamin Graham is also considered to be one of the founders of value investing, which is an investment strategy in which investors seek to buy securities that are undervalued because their fundamentals are not reflected in their price.

The Intelligent Investor is one of the best investing books out there. It was written by Benjamin Graham and it has sold over 1 million copies worldwide. The book has been translated into multiple languages and remains a timeless classic, even though it was written in 1949. This audiobook download, narrated by Luke Daniels, will teach you how to invest wisely with the help of a good old-fashioned Graham stock picking method.

The Intelligent Investor Rev Ed. is a classic text on value investing written by Benjamin Graham. It was first published in 1949 and has been revised multiple times since then. Retaining the basic framework of the original text, this audiobook version is narrated by Luke Daniels. He does an amazing job of using his talent to bring life and feeling to the book's timeless advice for investors who are just beginning their career or have taken their time away from it.

Benjamin Graham is a financial guru who has been teaching investors over the course of his career, and his investment philosophy is considered to be one of the most sound. In his book, The Intelligent Investor Rev Ed., he discusses how to make better decisions about what stocks to invest in, as well as being able to decipher which stocks are worth selling out at any given time.

"The Intelligent Investor" was originally published in 1949, and has been in print ever since. It is considered one of the most important books on investing ever published. The book is the bible for value investors, and it was written by Benjamin Graham who invented the concept of "value investing."

Published Date 2015-07-07
Duration 17 hours 49 minutes
Author Benjamin Graham
Narrated Luke Daniels
(626 Reviews)
Abridged No
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Category Business & Economics
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