The Bona Fide Legend of Cool Papa Bell: Speed, Grace, and the Negro Leagues Free Audiobook Download by Lonnie Wheeler

Cool Papa Bell was a baseball legend in the 1920's, known for his speed, gracefulness, and precision at home plate. Some of Cool Papa Bell's most memorable moments include stealing second base from Ty Cobb, hitting a triple in a game against Babe Ruth, and leading the Philadelphia Stars to the Negro Leagues World Series championship. This biography is a detailed story of this legendary player that includes anecdotes and anecdotes.

You're about to listen to a true tale of one of baseball's greatest legends. Cool Papa Bell is, in many ways, the originator of three things that are still very much alive and well today: The Home Run Derby, the Negro Leagues, and the idea of pitching with your head--one of the key aspects in his time.

In this book, author Lonnie Wheeler tells the amazing true story of Cool Papa Bell, a man who changed the way America saw their athletes. With his speed, grace, and exceptional talent for baseball, he helped break down barriers and showed black people could be just as good or better at anything that was asked of them. Now it's time to show off your own skills with this audiobook download!

The Bona Fide Legend of Cool Papa Bell: Speed, Grace, and the Negro Leagues is a compelling story about the life of one of baseball’s most iconic players. Author Lonnie Wheeler provides an extensive look into the life of Pittsburgh Crawfords' shortstop Cool Papa Bell and what it took for him to be known as one of baseball’s coolest guys. This audiobook tells the tale from start to finish with three different narrators adding their own voices – David Sadzin, Jim Breen and Frank Wooten

"I thought I was the wildest man alive," said the man who would become known as Cool Papa Bell, the first black player in Major League Baseball. "But that old goat Ty Cobb was a showman."

Cool Papa Bell was the first African-American professional baseball player and also the first black player in the major leagues. Lonnie Wheeler brings to life this amazing story of success with a new biography about Bell and his journey through baseball history. This is a must read for all baseball fans, but especially for those interested in how race affected the sport.

Published Date 2021-05-11
Duration 9 hours 56 minutes
Author Lonnie Wheeler
Narrated David Sadzin
(1 Reviews)
Abridged No
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Category Sports & Recreation
Parent Category Baseball

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