The Art of Resilience: Strategies for an Unbreakable Mind and Body Free Audiobook Download by Ross Edgley

The book is an inspiring and informative read for those who are seeking to build their way out of depression or feel like they could use more confidence in their day to day life. It's not a quick fix, but it is one that can help us learn how to handle the difficult situations we go through and strengthen our mental fortitude in the process.

"In the Art of Resilience, Ross Edgley reveals life-changing strategies for an Unbreakable Mind and Body that will give you the ability to bounce back from anything life throws your way. With powerful techniques and insights into how our mind and body change in response to stress, tension, adversity, trauma, and uncertainty.

The Art of Resilience: Strategies for an Unbreakable Mind and Body by Ross Edgley is a great book that deals with the art of resilience. The author, Ross Edgley, believes that people should be resilient in all aspects of life, which means they are able to bounce back when things don't go their way. The book contains three main components: breaking through barriers, the importance of mindfulness, and how to use the art of resilience. It's a great read with helpful tips that can help you make changes in your life in order to become more resilient.

The Art of Resilience is a book written by Ross Edgley. It offers guidance on developing resilience and mental fortitude using ancient martial arts theories. The author, who has been practicing martial arts for 30 years and studying the philosophy behind it for 15, has evolved these concepts into a guide for modern times. It serves as a practical guide for anyone looking to develop mental strength, leading to an increased self-awareness and personal understanding of how to create their own personal resilience.

Resilience is one of the most important attributes a person can bring to their life. With an unbreakable mind and body, we are able to face any challenge not just physically but also mentally. The Art of Resilience is a guide for living life with resilience. It helps the reader understand how to be resilient by learning strategies for an unbreakable mind and body including meditation, mindfulness, and creating a meaningful life.

In The Art of Resilience, author Ross Edgley explores how we can use practices like mindfulness and gratitude to increase our mental and emotional resilience in difficult times. He describes how these qualities are not only important in the face of adversity, but they are foundational to a healthy life.

Published Date 2020-06-18
Duration 10 hours 9 minutes
Author Ross Edgley
Narrated Ross Edgley
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Abridged No
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