State Change: End Anxiety, Beat Burnout, and Ignite a New Baseline of Energy and Flow Free Audiobook Download by Robin Berzin

State Change is an in-depth guide to how to recognize and heal your body, mind, and spirit. It goes through what the author calls "the three pillars of wellness": physical, mental, and spiritual, and offers a step-by-step program which allows people to end the cycle of anxiety, burnout, and a state of low energy.

'Robin's voice has such a personal, energetic quality that you can feel his passion for helping people find their way.' - Emily Tremaine 'Robin is a masterful facilitator and teacher. He helps us make sense of our experience and he shows how to use the tools of mindfulness to shape our moment-to-moment experience in this world.' - Robin Berzin

Robin Berzin, wife of Dr. Larry Berzin, has created a powerful plan to beat anxiety and burnout. This audiobook is an overview of the first step in her 7-step plan: state change. In our fast world, we often have trouble slowing down enough to hear our hearts. State change helps you do just that with a deep, relaxed breath.

State Change: End Anxiety, Beat Burnout, and Ignite a New Baseline of Energy and Flow is an audiobook that teaches how we can change our state with simple techniques. The book revolves around the idea that when we are in a state of flow with our work or hobbies, it feels effortless and enjoyable. When we feel anxious or burn out there's a disconnect between our actions and outcomes. This book uses the power of mindfulness to help break the cycle of anxiety, burnout, and overwhelm by providing insight on what to do while you're anxious or stressed.

"We've all experienced this basic form of the state change: pumping iron, taking a deep breath, opening our minds and hearts to new possibilities."

Published Date 2022-01-18
Duration 9 hours 55 minutes
Author Robin Berzin
Narrated Emily Tremaine, Robin Berzin
(3 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Health & Wellness
Parent Category Naturopathy & New Age, Disorders & Diseases, Diet & Nutrition

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