Shelter in Place Free Audiobook Download by Nora Roberts

When the unthinkable happens and fighting is far from a solution, you may have no choice but to put your life and the lives of those you love into complete lockdown. With all exits blocked and the chances of rescue slim, who will be left to help when everything falls apart? In Nora Roberts' new novel, "Shelter in Place," we focus on one family who must brace themselves for a long night of terror.

Safe and sound, do not move! An official order of evacuation has been given. Shelter in Place by Nora Roberts narrator January LaVoy is an audio book that will transport you back to another time in America - the 1970s. In this time period, the country was facing a lot of problems and the world was on fire. As a result one woman came up with an idea for sheltering into bomb shelters for safety. After all these years later, it is still something that is relevant today!

Nora Roberts' Shelter in Place is a must-read for anyone who enjoys suspense, romance and the occasional medical thriller. Revolving around a small town doctor and the one resident who's seen it all first-hand, it follows Dr. Ronnie Kerrigan through the story of her battles with bipolar disorder as she fights to save her family from ruthless thugs and their horrifying plan to abduct them.

There is a new trend in my neighborhood. People have started to call it 'Shelter in Place.' It's when neighbors hunker down and wait for the authorities to do their job. The streets are deserted.The doors are locked. The noise stops. People are safe, but so far none of them know why or where this is happening.

The story centers on the owners of a company called Testrus. Their company specializes in improving soil for farms, but shortly after winning their latest contract, a deadly plant infestation occurs. With help from her husband, Tyler, and their three children - Tristan, Sterling, and Stella - Jillian must figure out how to get back home to Chicago just as the army sets up protection zones around them.

Published Date 2018-05-29
Duration 15 hours 0 minutes
Author Nora Roberts
Narrated January LaVoy
(424 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Family Life, Contemporary Women, Mystery

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