Putting Like A Genius Free Audiobook Download by Bob Rotella

Bob Rotella is a former professional golfer and top PGA instructor who has taught the world's greatest golfers. In this book, he shares with golfers how to use the mental side of their game to become a better player.

Bob Rotella is an author of books and articles about self-improvement. He has a unique style that tells his story in a down-to-earth, humorous, and relatable way. This book includes helpful tips on how to improve your golf game, mental toughness, and overall personal life.

You might know author Bob Rotella as a sports training expert who has coached several champion athletes, but you might not know that he is also the author of one of the most successful business books ever written. The big idea in his book is to get your mindset right so that you can make better decisions when it comes to your life and career. It's not just about making more money or getting more clients-it's about taking control of your own destiny.

The company I work for, WGU, is a distance learning institution. We put online textbooks online and students can decide when they'd like to read them and when they'd like to listen to them. A lot of our courses have the videos turned off offline or on slower connections so the text is always there in case you want to pull up a book and just read it. The audio versions are great because we don't always have time for students to get around and get that text from the library or order it from somewhere on their own.

The book has seven principles. The first principle is the 'Getting to a point'. The author had to get out of his funk and change his life first because it was not sustainable. The second most important principle is 'Finding your passion'. It's important to find something you love and develop a talent in order to sustain yourself in the long run. The third most important principle is 'Getting comfortable with discomfort' which means accepting the fact that we have to go through hard times, but it also means staying consistent. The fourth principle is 'Learning what matters'. We must determine what we want our life to look like. The fifth principle is called 'Advancement and achievement', which consists of getting into the habit of having a plan

Putting Like A Genius is one of the best books for golfers that share a passion for the game. Rotella has been a teaching pro since 1982 and he was an assistant coach on the 2009 U.S. Open Team. He presents his thoughts on putting in a way that's easy to understand and use, helping you learn more about this great sport.

Published Date 2002-05-01
Duration 1 hours 0 minutes
Author Bob Rotella
Narrated Bob Rotella
(20 Reviews)
Abridged Yes
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Category Sports & Recreation
Parent Category Golf

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