Powers and Thrones: A New History of the Middle Ages Free Audiobook Download by Dan Jones

The Middle Ages provide many rich sources of history, including the lives of some of the most important figures in medieval Europe. Dan Jones's book on this period is just one of them. Studs recreates with rich detail a time when kings and queens ruled from London and Paris, and a world where neither Christian nor Muslim was clearly dominant. Historians have long debated whether the medieval period was predominantly religious or secular, but Jones successfully argues that both had equal force during this era.

In Powers and Thrones, Dan Jones provides a new, uniquely authoritative history of the Middle Ages that tells how we got here--an original account based on hundreds of years of research that not only explores the Middle Ages from all sides but also explains what's really going on.

The Middle Ages were a time of immense change, turmoil, and upheaval. Internal rivalries led to the weakening of the Roman Empire and the fracturing of Europe into new regions and kingdoms. How did these events happen in such a short period of time? The book 'Powers and Thrones' by Dan Jones provides answers to this question by examining the medieval world from a different perspective.

This audiobook chronicles the rise of European powers and the medieval Christian Church following the fall of Rome. Some historians have called this time period the "Middle Ages", but Jones argues that it is not so simple. He uses a new approach to consider how different cultures influenced each other and helped shape a single, unified Europe. Jones also pays attention to how many people in society are treated by their rulers, including women, children, slaves and Jews.

In this book, Jones proposes that medieval powers and kingdoms should be thought of as temporary fixtures, and further grounds his argument by showcasing the Middle Ages as an era with much more fluid hierarchies. For example, Jones argues that the ultimate power of medieval kings was not necessarily due to their political prowess or sheer military might, but rather because they were able to project a sense of legitimacy both domestically and abroad.

In this audiobook, Dan Jones takes listeners on an epic journey through the Middle Ages to learn about the world that was Europe from 600-1500 AD. Through a series of stories and anecdotes, listeners will be taken on a roller coaster ride between the heights of power and the depths of despair.

Published Date 2021-11-09
Duration 24 hours 25 minutes
Author Dan Jones
Narrated Dan Jones
(5 Reviews)
Abridged No
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Category History
Parent Category Military, Europe

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