Parable of the Sower Free Audiobook Download by Octavia E. Butler

In a world where the economy is failing and most people are struggling to find food, a young woman named Lauren Olamina is one of the few who has managed to stay alive. She's in possession of a rare plant that can grow in hostile conditions and she uses it to care for her family, growing enough food to feed them from their garden. As Lauren grows older, she discovers that not only will the plants fail without her help but so will the humans. The novel follows Lauren's journey as she tries to figure out why society has failed when its citizens have been so capable in the past.

There are some who see a bright future ahead, and those who do, have nothing but good news to share. But for others, the future is murky and deeply troubled; a time of uncertainty and fear. Most often these people are those who have been either unjustly marginalized or removed from society altogether.

A woman named Lauren Olamina is struggling to grow food in her small, devastated world. She has rigged a garden on top of her roof using rainwater and the nutrients from dead bodies. Her dream is to be able to feed others and watch life flourish in this wasteland she calls home.

A plague has destroyed the world and all that is left is a barren wasteland. The only survivors are those who are deeply religious and most dwell in Mount Haven, the center of power for their leaders. After using up his last bit of cash, Jason Shaver becomes homeless. He is given food once a week by the government but has no defense against the elements or animals. Eventually he finds work as an exterminator, killing rats and other vermin migrating into the city looking for food.

A young man named Lauren Olamina is a child of the Earth. When she becomes aware of the government's growing control and its efforts to exterminate the poor, she realizes that if you can't protect what you love, then what's left?

In the Parable of the Sower, a character named Lauren Olamina is all too familiar with the quagmire of life in a world where everything has changed. The world has been ravaged by environmental issues and economic woes, but Lauren believes that humanity can still succeed despite these changing conditions. Lauren possesses a special skill that sets her apart from other people in this society: she can plant seeds which grow into beautiful flowers. She uses these flowers to try to reconcile the brokenness of her society, and inspires hope for others who are overwhelmed by despair.

Published Date 2009-06-26
Duration 12 hours 3 minutes
Author Octavia E. Butler
Narrated Lynne Thigpen
(126 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Coming of Age, Contemporary Fantasy

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