On Trails: An Exploration Free Audiobook Download by Robert Moor

This is a great story about the trails, which are a growing part of the culture in America. The author has been to every trail in North America, and takes us on his journey experiencing different trails as they exist today.

Robert Moor's "On Trails" is an exploration of how humans interact with the outdoors. The text reads like a personal journal, and is visually enriched by photographs of nature and some historical imagery, including one by Native American photographer Edward Curtis.

One of the most popular audiobooks of 2016 was On Trails. This is a modern-day adventure tale about four friends who go on an outdoor adventure in search of the elusive Long Trail.

On Trails: An Exploration is a story of adventure, discovery, and self-discovery, following his journey into the wilderness of Western North Carolina and the search for “the perfect place.”

On Trails is a fictional memoir about an American man who has to walk across France from the Atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean. This takes him a total of two months, and along the way he meets many interesting people.

On Trails is an audiobook about the life of Robert Moor, a famous American explorer. It is narrated by Jason Grasl and it is 11 hours long. The book starts out with Moor as a young boy exploring the woods behind his house. From there he goes on to explore the world and his many adventures. The main audience for this audiobook are people who love outdoor adventure stories with heavy outdoorsmanship messages.

Published Date 2016-08-29
Duration 10 hours 38 minutes
Author Robert Moor
Narrated Jason Grasl
(21 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Travel
Parent Category Essays & Travelogues, World

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