Olive, Again (Oprah's Book Club): A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Elizabeth Strout

Olive, Again is the story of a single mother whose husband dying by suicide and daughter's subsequent downward spiral leads her to seek solace in her work. Olive gradually becomes obsessed with solving the mystery of what caused her husband's death and although she eventually puts the puzzle together, it is not the answer she was looking for.

"Oprah's Book Club" is a TV show and best-selling book series about Oprah Winfrey reading the favorite books of three people featured in the show. "Olive, Again" was the chosen audiobook for October 2013, and it was narrated by Kimberly Farr.

Olive, Again (Oprah's Book Club) is the story of an elderly woman who decides to write a letter to her former self. She reflects on her life and realizes that there are many things she would have done differently if she could see into the future. As she starts piecing together memories with timelines, she begins to believe that there may be something more to life than this present moment.

Olive, Again (Oprah's Book Club) is a novel that tells the story of a young girl named Olive Kitteridge and her ability to see through things that others cannot. She is forced to confront her life, her family, and herself after being struck by tragedy.

Elizabeth Strout's Olive, Again is a story that follows the relationships in the Walker family and the changes they encounter during and after their mother's sudden death. Losing her mother has a profound effect on each of them and as they try to find their way through grief, they have to come to terms with their own lives.

The story is about a middle-aged woman and her family who live in Amgash, Minnesota. She is the assistant to a local high school principal. When she takes a job at the local hospital for the summer, she meets Olive Kitteridge, the town's 77-year-old retired schoolteacher and widowed mother of two grown children. The story contrasts their lives as they attempt to come to terms with what they want from life.

Published Date 2019-10-15
Duration 12 hours 16 minutes
Author Elizabeth Strout
Narrated Kimberly Farr
(136 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Sagas, Family Life, Literary Fiction

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