November 9: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Colleen Hoover

November 9: A Novel is the fifth novel in Colleen Hoover's bestselling series, The Obsession. Readers of this novel will meet for the first time the character Cash, who was introduced in book two. November 9: A Novel is a suspenseful love story that will keep you near the edge of your seat until its surprising conclusion.

November 9 is the book where everything changes. 15-year-old Laney and her best friend, Rylee, wake up on a bus that is hurtling towards the Grand Canyon. Laney has no idea why her parents would send her on this trip of all trips or how they managed to pay for it.

November 9: A Novel is a heartfelt, emotionally charged story about love and loyalty. The novel starts off with the protagonist, Scarlett James, hiding in motel room after the disappearance of her husband. She thinks he has left her for good and tries to hide from their daughter's sadness. But things get complicated when she meets Ezra Sullivan, and he's not at all what she thought he was going to be like. Trying to deliver some much-needed support to her daughter, Scarlett moves into the same building as him. He looks like he could take care of himself but Scarletts daughter is too young to know if they're dangerous or not so she sticks around close by while they figure out what is going on with them both.

November 9: A Novel is the story of Reagan who, after years of neglecting to care for herself and her newborn daughter, has finally found a way back into the world. Reagan's life is finally starting to turn around when she's called to pull over on a very dark and stormy night by an officer needing help. Little does she know, he is willing to offer her more than just her freedom, but that of her daughter as well.

November 9: A Novel is a heart-wrenching story of damaged souls and love lost, seeking refuge in the place where you can find what you're searching for.

It's love at first sight with Will and Alyssa. She was a sweet girl during the school play they both attended, and he had never seen someone so full of life before. They'll date for over a year, but as they enter college and their different paths begin to diverge, their relationship takes a dark turn. As Will's obsession spirals out of control, Alyssa finds herself running in circles trying to figure out what is going on with him. The twisted romance between them will keep listeners glued to their seat

Published Date 2015-11-10
Duration 9 hours 47 minutes
Author Colleen Hoover
Narrated Angela Goethals, Zachary Webber
(107 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Fiction & Literature
Parent Category Contemporary Women, New Adult, Contemporary

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