No Rest for the Dead Free Audiobook Download by R.L. Stine,David Baldacci,Lisa Scottoline,Sandra Brown

No Rest for the Dead is a book written by R.L. Stine, David Baldacci, Lisa Scottoline, Sandra Brown and narrated by different narrators.

No Rest for the Dead is a YA novel by R. L Stine and it was written in 2013. The book centers around a girl named Clare who is a sophomore at Cypress Springs High School. She has taken an online class from her professor, Dr. Wayne March, on how to be prepared for death. Clare soon discovers that she can't die but everyone else can and so she enlists the help of her classmates to figure out why they're not dying and what to do about it.

No Rest for the Dead, by R.L. Stine, David Baldacci, Lisa Scottoline and Sandra Brown is a book about a group of people who are murdered on their respective birthdays. The protagonist must solve the case against the clock before he meets his own death on his birthday. The book is narrated by 8 different actors to bring out the best in each character's personality and life story.

America has never been the same since zombies invaded. For some reason, these undead monsters have a taste for brains. So if you're looking for a thrilling adventure that also has an element of suspense, then No Rest for the Dead is just the book for you. This novel revolves around five high school friends as they fight to survive in the midst of this zombie apocalypse. The story begins when three of them go on their annual trip to go rafting in Chico Creek and hours later they return to find their friends brutally killed and eaten by zombies. There's no rest for the dead.

Author R.L. Stine has written a story about zombies taking over the world, and it's not looking good for humanity. In order to survive, most people choose to barricade themselves in their houses with their families and fight off the zombies as long as they can. However, some people are more resourceful than others, and one of those is a single woman named Lola who decides to take matters into her own hands. Lola manages to escape her house and find a gun along the way but discovers that all is not well with the world outside of her home.

From the author of New York Times Bestseller Eleven, comes a new novel perfect for mystery, thrills, and chills.

Published Date 2011-09-06
Duration 9 hours 1 minutes
Author R.L. Stine, David Baldacci, Lisa Scottoline, Sandra Brown
Narrated Eliza Foss, Jonathan Davis, Richard Ferrone, Carol Monda, Tom Stechschulte, James Colby
(43 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Suspense

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