Never: A Novel Free Audiobook Download by Ken Follett

In the novel, "Never" by Ken Follett, a story of greed and brilliance comes to life. It follows four people who were arrested for their crimes, never to be heard from again. The protagonist is now set free after thirty years of living in captivity, but his family had all died long ago. He goes on a journey to find them and uncover the truth about their lives and their deaths. No one knows what happened, or why they were taken away from society all those years ago because it was never officially recorded. In order to find out more information about these individuals and their crimes, the protagonist has to make contact with another prisoner who has as much information as he does but is willing to trade it for freedom.

Most of Follett's fiction has a definite beginning, middle, and end. The content that has made him famous is his epic style of writing detailed characters who are living in an intensely-researched world. In this book, the reader follows many different lives from around the globe and Follett uses these lives to create one overarching narrative that is sure to grab your attention.

Never: A Novel is the first novel in the trilogy, the Kingsbridge trilogy. This is the first of Ken Follett's novels to be narrated by someone other than an author narrator. January Lavoy does a terrific job narrating this story about a power struggle between two families for control of their company.

The story is set in a dystopian world where every citizen is given a number which they must yell out when they are scared, angry, or feeling anything. The protagonist is told that she has been assigned the number three by the government and that if she doesn't obey the rules of society she will be sent to the Ghetto. She willingly goes on a journey to the past in order to understand what happened and how her life could have changed if she had received another number

Never: A Novel audiobook download tells the story of a woman who wakes up one day to find herself living in a world where technology has evolved, but no one is allowed to use it. The novel takes place in a futuristic society where most people live their lives without electricity and communication devices.

This was a page turner, one I had to finish in a day. I knew it would be a good book but wow! The suspense of this novel and how you could never predict what was going to happen next kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat. It's a fast paced read with many twists and turns throughout.

Published Date 2021-11-09
Duration 23 hours 58 minutes
Author Ken Follett
Narrated January Lavoy
(49 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Political Thriller, Suspense

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