MeatEater's Campfire Stories: Close Calls Free Audiobook Download by Steven Rinella

 MeatEater's Campfire Stories: Close Calls is a must-have in the collection of any serious hunter or outdoorsman. It is a compilation of true stories that tells tales of close brushes with death, particularly during hunting expeditions. If you're looking for some inspiration, if you're looking to get an adrenaline rush as well as some ideas on how to be more safe while hunting, or if you're interested in learning about the mind and heart of a professional hunter, then this audiobook download is for you.

Steven Rinella's Close Calls is a collection of amazing stories that have been edited and compiled by The Contributors. Many of the stories in this book were originally written for the MeatEater podcast, which has since been cancelled. These stories are now preserved and available to everyone who listens to the book on Audible.

The audiobook is the perfect complement for the MeatEater's Campfire Stories: Close Calls podcast series. It is a collection of 13 tales from the hit podcast of hunting and camping adventures from outdoorsman Steven Rinella, co-founder of The MeatEater.

MeatEater's Campfire Stories: Close Calls is a compilation of audiobooks that tells tales of close calls, incredible luck, and knife-edge escapes that readers can listen to anytime they want.

The contributors to the MeatEater's Campfire Stories audiobook series share their close calls with wild animals and what they did to avoid them.

It's a perfect sunny day and you're on your day hike when you see the other guy coming up over the hill. You know you're in for a close shave, but what do you do? Well, Steven Rinella of The MeatEater Podcast has some advice for you. Close Calls is meant to give hunters an insight into what it's like to have a close call with wildlife. This bi-lingual book is narrated by Steven Rinella, The Contributors and is available as an audiobook download from Amazon.

Published Date 2021-07-20
Duration 5 hours 15 minutes
Author Steven Rinella
Narrated Steven Rinella, The Contributors
(78 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Biography & Memoir
Parent Category History & Culture, Outdoor Recreation

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