Lost in the Valley of Death: A Story of Obsession and Danger in the Himalayas Free Audiobook Download by Harley Rustad

When Harley Rustad's adventurous spirit led him to the remote village of Pembar in Nepal, he entered a world that was baffling and alarming. The people living there were almost entirely dependent on a single source of income for everything--milk from the local yak herds. But after ten years of hard work and heartache with no end in sight, Rustad's dreams would come true as he escaped with his family from their captors.

Lost in the Valley of Death: A Story of Obsession and Danger in the Himalayas is a book by American author Harley Rustad about her obsession with developing a route through the Himalayas, but also the dangers that arose from that pursuit. The book chronicles how Rustad became obsessed with making this journey and how she lost touch with reality.

In the Himalayas, a mountain range running through parts of Nepal and Tibet, people die leaving behind hundreds of bodies. There are many reasons why these people died but Harley Rustad says that their deaths were caused by the mania for mountaineering that has consumed the region over recent decades. This is a difficult book to read but it will teach you more about the history and future of exploration in the area.

"Lost in the Valley of Death" is a riveting tale of obsession and danger in the Himalayas. It is a testament to the power of adventure writing, with enough vivid action to make you feel as though you are there.

Harley Rustad has been in journalism for nearly a decade and has covered a range of different stories. As an author, he himself has written many books on hiking and mountain climbing, but his newest book is about something different--the fight for the rights of Nepalis.

When Steve Hackett set off to climb K2, he didn't expect what would happen next. One of the few mountaineers left in the world, he was one of the last high-altitude climbers with skills and experience to navigate treacherous new routes. But this wasn't about skill or experience. This was about obsession, desperation and a quest for glory that would end in death.

Published Date 2022-01-11
Duration 10 hours 41 minutes
Author Harley Rustad
Narrated Harley Rustad
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Abridged No
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