Lightning in a Mirror Free Audiobook Download by Jayne Ann Krentz

The story opens with the discovery of a dead body, which sets up a mystery that unravels into answers. Sandra has personal problems as well. Her parents are divorcing and she's struggling to keep their house. As she struggles to maintain her life, her love interest is trying to find out who the killer is.

Our heroine, Rosalind, has some serious mental problems. She's been stalking the handsome, but elusive Thomas. And when he decides to hide out at her family home deep in the woods of northern Maine, she goes berserk and burns it down. Crazy or something else?

This is my last blog entry, and I'm going to say goodbye with a book review. I just finished the audiobook, "Lightning in a Mirror" by Jayne Ann Krentz narrated by Sandra Michelle. This was my first audiobook. It was a great experience overall, but there were some aspects that made it difficult to enjoy the story at times.

One of the most difficult events that can occur in the life of a woman is when she is betrayed by her husband – with or without physical abuse. When women find themselves in that situation, it can be devastating, not just for them but also for their children. The author provides this reader with many examples of situations that result from husbands who cross the line and leave a wife feeling unsure about what to do next. One of the first examples she gives is that of a woman who finds out six months after she is divorced from her husband that he had an affair and has newborn twins with this new girlfriend.

Lightning in a Mirror is a story of two women who are in love with the same man. One woman is married and has children while the other woman is engaged and looking to leave her husband quickly so that she can be with her true love. In this short story, Sandra Michelle narrates and you have to decide whether or not you believe her character as she tells the story of what happened between them, then go on for a deeper look into their lives and how they feel about each other now.

Jayne Ann Krentz, author of more than 90 suspense and romance novels, is no stranger to the world of writing. This audiobook collection includes four of her best-selling suspense novels.

Published Date 2022-01-18
Duration 8 hours 33 minutes
Author Jayne Ann Krentz
Narrated Sandra Michelle
(1 Reviews)
Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Parent Category Suspense, Mystery

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