Let Them Lead: Unexpected Lessons in Leadership from America's Worst High School Hockey Team Free Audiobook Download by John U. Bacon

"In the end, I think of our team not as the worst but as a successful high school hockey team. Our players were happy, they were having fun and they loved hockey on Friday nights."

Hockey is a glorious game. It is a game of passion and anger, of a tough and gritty opponent who is trying to take you out of play, and the love for the game that builds bonds with teammates. But on Tuesday night in an unremarkable high school gym deep in Minnesota, there was something different about the hockey players on the two teams fighting to win. Coming from two small towns across America's cross-section of small towns, upbringings are not easy. They're not easy enough so that even among friends there isn't always understanding fully. They're also not easy enough to not know what it feels like to fall short or have your dreams crushed from time to time. So when these two teams walked into this gym on Tuesday

The story is about a high school hockey team in Flint, Michigan that had been stuck in the bottom half of their league for years. In 2007, they made a cross-country move to Dallas, Texas and won their first game against one of the most renowned programs in the sport. Since moving to Dallas, the program has become nationally ranked and the players have graduated from college at an astronomic rate.

Authentic leadership takes courage, stamina, and a willingness to do the difficult work of being in charge. The story of the St. John's Prep hockey team shows how true leadership is not easy or always popular--but it can transform lives in lasting and profound ways. The losers from St. John's Prep have been trying to win ever since their improbable run to the state finals in 1987; they've tried to lead their schools out of mediocrity but have failed repeatedly--most recently with a talent-starved team that finished dead last in New Hampshire high school hockey last year. This fall, for what may be the last time, a group of overachieving but underprivileged players started a new chapter for themselves on an under

Unsurprisingly, this is not a motivational or inspirational book. It turns out that when you are so far behind the pack and everyone else is ahead of you it's easy to get discouraged. The coaches were struggling because they were close to their cutoff for new students for the team next year which made them want to quit. They are an underdog story but also an inspiring one. Unsurprisingly, this is not a motivational or inspirational book; rather, it's a well-written memoir about the struggles that coaches have when recruiting and trying to keep their team motivated.

John Bacon's Let Them Lead is a gripping, captivating story about the year-long journey of rebuilding an underperforming high school hockey team. The book is split into four parts: "The Game," "The Journey," "The Team," and "The Season."

Published Date 2021-09-07
Duration 7 hours 10 minutes
Author John U. Bacon
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