Latin for Beginners Free Audiobook Download by Centre of Excellence

Latin for Beginners is the first audiobook in a new series of ten by Centre of Excellence. It is about 500 years ago in Rome when Latin was dying out and the language scholars had given up hope of saving a dead language. In order to save Latin, they decided to take their knowledge and make it available to everyone. That meant that everyone would have equal access to this knowledge and would have been able to decree laws in Latin instead of translating them into Greek or Hebrew.

Latin for Beginners is a comprehensive introduction to the Latin language. This course will introduce learners to Latin grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and everyday use. The course also introduces you to how Latin can be used in different contexts, from personal accounts of life in Rome during the Roman Empire to being a translator for the New Testament in first or second century AD.

Latin for Beginners is a course on Latin grammar and syntax. It uses present tense and active voice to teach learners about Latin's declension system, phonetic spelling, and vocabulary.

Latin is a difficult language that attracts students in droves. However, it's often complicated, and many people are put off by the difficulty they're facing. This course aims to provide an easy-to-follow introduction to Latin which will make you understand why so many people love it.

The first 3,000 words of Latin for Beginners will be read by Tom Adams. Ranging from the ancient Roman origin to today's most widely spoken Latin languages, this audiobook is a fun and engaging introduction to one of the world's language groups. The course takes an innovative approach to learning by focusing on Latin-English verb conjugations and translating sentences into English-Latin phrase and word order.

Latin for Beginners is a course designed to help those who want to learn more about the language. Latin for Beginners includes the text of Latin-free books, articles, and blog posts that are read out loud by the narrator. These texts are intended to be used in conjunction with the course materials.

Published Date 2021-05-21
Duration 2 hours 35 minutes
Author Centre of Excellence
Narrated Tom Adams
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Abridged No
Is It Free? 30-days Free
Category Language Instruction
Parent Category Language Arts, Other

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